Securing the “internet of things” in the quantum age

MIT researchers have developed a novel cryptography circuit that can be used to protect low-power “internet of things” (IoT) devices in the coming age of quantum computing.

These days, a lot of Quantum Computing related developments are going on. Quantum Computers can execute the calculations that are currently not possible with normal Computers. So, Quantum Computers can help to do many complex calculations that are useful in various fields especially in medical research and drug discovery.

Though Quantum Computers can be used for many good things, they can be used by Hackers also to break the encryption schemes so that they will be able to receive the data exchanged between devices.

To avoid this problem, researchers are developing quantum-resistant encryption schemes. For example “lattice-based cryptography” can hide information in extremely complicated mathematical structures so that current quantum algorithms cannot break the data protection. But it will not useful for IoT devices because they can not afford the power required for running this encryption scheme.

MIT researchers have developed a novel circuit architecture and statistical optimization tricks that can be used to efficiently compute lattice-based cryptography. The 2-millimeter-squared chips the team developed are efficient enough for integration into any current IoT device.

News Source: MIT News

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