China’s CRISPR Twins might have had their Brains unintentionally enhanced

A few months back, China’s Scientist He Jiankui had announced that he was successfully edited the genes of Twins named Lulu and Nana so that they won’t get affected by HIV virus which causes AIDS. He used CRISPR gene editing tool for achieving this.

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Since this kind of Gene-editing is illegal in most of the Countries including China, He Jiankui was put under house arrest by the Chinese Government.

Now, new research shows the same genetic alteration introduced into the girls’ DNA, to a gene called CCR5, not only makes mice smarter, but also improves human brain recovery after stroke, and could be linked to greater success in school.

So, it indicates that the girls Lulu and Nana might have had their Brains unintentionally enhanced.

Read below some comments made on various social media sites.

If only we could get some politicians to undergo this procedure…

Slashdot user Vanyle

In 50 years when I travel to China for a rejuvenation I’m getting all the best germline improvements vectored in.

reddit discussion

I get that they skipped a loooot of scientific protocol and a consensus that you shouldn’t be doing this yet. But I’m not seeing the fallout

Imgur discussion

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