A new inexpensive material helps to Purify Water quickly using Sun light

Researchers have developed an inexpensive water purification system which can purify the water quickly by removing more than 99 percent of Bacteria only with the help of sunlight.

The development of effective and energy-efficient water disinfection technologies is extremely urgent to relieve clean water scarcity and global energy shortage. Photocatalytic disinfection is considered to be a promising approach.

Nowadays, the most efficient photocatalysts for disinfection are metal-based nanomaterials, but they are likely to cause secondary pollution because of the inevitable release of metal ions. Hence, it is of great importance to seek highly efficient metal-free photocatalysts for water disinfection.

Until now, the efficiency of the reported metal-free photocatalysts has been much lower than that of metal-based photocatalysts.

The Chinese Researchers were able to achieve high efficiency by using edge-functionalized graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) nanosheets as photocatalytic disinfectants.

News Source: https://www.cell.com/chem/fulltext/S2451-9294(18)30572-2

Author: Rajamanickam

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