Stunning backside image of the Moon with Earth

A Chinese Satellite has taken a stunning Picture of Far side of the Moon along with Earth appearing Small in the background.

No one from Earth ever seen the back side of the Moon. We always see the front side or near side.

Credit: Dwingeloo Telescope

This image shows the far side of the Moon, as well as our own planet Earth. It was taken with a camera linked to an amateur radio transceiver on board the Chinese DSLWP-B / Longjiang-2 satellite (call sign BJ1SN), currently in orbit around the Moon, and transmitted back to Earth where it was received with the Dwingeloo Telescope.

Credit: Dwingeloo Telescope

The transceiver on board Longjiang-2 was designed to allow radio amateurs to downlink telemetry and relay messages through a satellite in lunar orbit, as well as command it to take and downlink images. In that it has succeeded, as many radio amateurs have received telemetry and image data. Being able to use the Dwingeloo telescope to help with this has been a lot of fun.

This is the first time that Longjiang-2 has captured the entire Moon and Earth in one shot.

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