10 New inventions in the field of Bionic Technology

  1.MIT’s AMI improves sensation, control of Prosthetic Limb: Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have invented a new neural interface and communication paradigm that is able to send movement commands from the central nervous system to a robotic prosthesis, and relay proprioceptive feedback describing movement of the joint back to the central nervous system … Continue reading “10 New inventions in the field of Bionic Technology”

AI Bot trained to recognize Galaxies

Researchers have taught an artificial intelligence program used to recognize faces on Facebook to identify galaxies in deep space. The result is an AI bot named ClaRAN that scans images taken by radio telescopes. Its job is to spot radio galaxies–galaxies that emit powerful radio jets from supermassive black holes at their centers. Black holes … Continue reading “AI Bot trained to recognize Galaxies”

Self-adjusting Automated Smart Homes

MIT researchers have built a system that takes a step toward fully automated smart home by identifying occupants, even when they’re not carrying mobile devices. The system, called Duet, uses reflected wireless signals to localize individuals. But it also incorporates algorithms that ping nearby mobile devices to predict the individuals’ identities, based on who last … Continue reading “Self-adjusting Automated Smart Homes”

15 Latest inventions in solar energy technology

Solar Energy: Solar energy is the energy that is produced by the sun in the form of heat and light. It is one of the most renewable and readily available source of energy on planet Earth. The fact that it is available in plenty and free and does not belong to anybody makes it one … Continue reading “15 Latest inventions in solar energy technology”

Integrated Solar Flow Battery acts as both Solar Cell and Battery

Scientists in the United States and Saudi Arabia have harnessed the abilities of both a solar cell and a battery in one device a “solar flow battery” that soaks up sunlight and efficiently stores it as chemical energy for later on-demand use. While sunlight has increasingly gained appeal as a clean and abundant energy source, … Continue reading “Integrated Solar Flow Battery acts as both Solar Cell and Battery”