Nain Singh Rawat’s 187th birthday Google Doodle

Nain Singh Rawat was one of the first of the late 19th century Indian explorers who explored the Himalayas for the British. He hailed from the Johar Valley of Kumaon. He mapped the trade route through Nepal to Tibet, determined for the first time the location and altitude of Lhasa, and mapped a large section of … Continue reading “Nain Singh Rawat’s 187th birthday Google Doodle”

S. Chandrasekhar’s 107th Birthday Google Doodle

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was an Indian and American astrophysicist who was awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize for Physics with William A. Fowler “for his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of the stars”. His mathematical treatment of stellar evolution yielded many of the best current theoretical models of the … Continue reading “S. Chandrasekhar’s 107th Birthday Google Doodle”

LIGO and Virgo Make First Detection of Gravitational Waves Produced by Colliding Neutron Stars

For the first time, scientists have directly detected gravitational waves—ripples in space and time—in addition to light from the spectacular collision of two neutron stars. This marks the first time that a cosmic event has been viewed in both gravitational waves and light. The discovery was made using the U.S.-based Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), … Continue reading “LIGO and Virgo Make First Detection of Gravitational Waves Produced by Colliding Neutron Stars”

Google Celebrating Selena Quintanilla with Doodle

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, model, actress, and fashion designer. Called the Queen of Tejano music, her contributions to music and fashion made her one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century. Google celebrate Selena Quintanilla: Mexican-American music & entertainment icon, fashion trendsetter, passionate entrepreneur, community philanthropist, and … Continue reading “Google Celebrating Selena Quintanilla with Doodle”

Olaudah Equiano’s 272nd Birthday Google Doodle

Olaudah Equiano known in his lifetime as Gustavus Vassa was a prominent African in London, a freed slave who supported the British movement to end the slave trade. His autobiography, published in 1789, helped in the creation of the Slave Trade Act 1807 which ended the African trade for Britain and its colonies. The Search … Continue reading “Olaudah Equiano’s 272nd Birthday Google Doodle”