Achieving the full potential of 3D and 4D printing through computational design

3D printers are becoming more and more capable – for example, we can now print in 40 materials simultaneously, or print structures that will change in response to aspects of their environment, such as temperature. Kristina Shea, Professor for Engineering Design and Computing at ETH Zürich, argues that designers need computational aids to help them … Continue reading “Achieving the full potential of 3D and 4D printing through computational design”

Vader Systems creates Liquid Metal 3-D Printer for manufacturing

A father and son team in the START-UP NY program have invented a liquid metal printing machine that could represent a significant transformation in manufacturing. Their company named “Vader System” has created a machine that prints three-dimensional objects using liquid metal. Engineering faculty and students of University at Buffalo work closely with this company.

Large Scale Robotic 3D Printing by 3Dp technology of “Ai Build”

3D Printing is a fascinating technology that makes it possible to manufacture incredibly complex forms which would not have been possible with other methods such as moulding or milling. However, it is very expensive or nearly impossible to 3D Print large structures with today’s technology due to the small size and slow speed of 3D … Continue reading “Large Scale Robotic 3D Printing by 3Dp technology of “Ai Build””

3-D-printed robots with shock-absorbing skins

Anyone who’s watched drone videos or an episode of “BattleBots” knows that robots can break — and often it’s because they don’t have the proper padding to protect themselves. But this week researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) will present a new method for 3-D printing soft materials that make robots … Continue reading “3-D-printed robots with shock-absorbing skins”