US State Department now taking questions on Twitter

According to State Department Press Secretary Victoria Nuland, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is encouraging employees at the State Department to use new technology and social media as a key part of their foreign policy agenda. Each Friday during the month of January, they will be taking direct questions from some of the 10 official … Continue reading “US State Department now taking questions on Twitter”

Nokia Acquires Norwegian Mobile OS Company Smarterphone

Nokia has acquired Oslo, Norway-based Smarterphone, a company that builds a mobile operating system for so-called feature phones. The company was previously called Kvaleberg, and the product Mimiria. The software makes it possible to deliver a user experience similar to smart phones on affordable hardware, and allows unique flexibility for tailoring handset software to different … Continue reading “Nokia Acquires Norwegian Mobile OS Company Smarterphone”

China Unicom Offers Free IPhone 4S for Users Who Sign Multiyear Contracts

“China United Network Communications Group (CHTZ), China’s second-largest wireless carrier, will give users an Apple iPhone 4S if they sign multiyear service contracts costing as little as 286 yuan ($45) a month. This promotion starts on January 13th, and it offers a 32-gigabyte model with a three-year plan, while a commitment to two years for … Continue reading “China Unicom Offers Free IPhone 4S for Users Who Sign Multiyear Contracts”

Homeless woman becomes Twitter celebrity

AnnMarie Walsh, former homeless on the streets of Chicago now found comfort in twitter. She became homeless after being divorced and losing her job with a mail order pharmacy.She is a Mother of two children with lot of helath issues.They are living with their father. She wrote about her experiences as “PadsChicago” on Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading “Homeless woman becomes Twitter celebrity”

Citibank Allows Facebook Fans To share Rewards Points

Citibank customers can now use Facebook to pool their rewards points online.Citibank Tuesday launched a Facebook application “Thanks You Point Sharing” that lets users team up to use their points, whether it’s for charity, a group gift or a personal goal. Once customers have downloaded the app and connected their account, they can start a … Continue reading “Citibank Allows Facebook Fans To share Rewards Points”