Scientists Create Self-Assembling M-Blocks Robots

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed new Terminator-style cube-shaped robots that can leap through the air, jump on top of each other and assemble together to form arbitrary shapes. Known as M-Blocks, the robots are cubes with no external moving parts. Nonetheless, they’re able to climb over and around one another, … Continue reading “Scientists Create Self-Assembling M-Blocks Robots”

Google Introduces Project Loon: Balloon-powered Internet access

Google has launched 30 balloons above New Zealand to bring internet to remote areas. Google calls the effort Project Loon and acknowledges it is “highly experimental” at this stage. “This is the first time we’ve launched this many balloons (30 this week, in fact) and tried to connect to this many receivers on the ground, … Continue reading “Google Introduces Project Loon: Balloon-powered Internet access”

Samsung Introduces GALAXY S4 zoom

Samsung Electronics has announced the Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom, a new device which combines the stylish GALAXY S4 smartphone with advanced photographic capabilities. Check out its front side, and you’ll see a device very similar to a Galaxy S4 Mini.On the back, it’s a full-fledged camera, with a 16-megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom. “The … Continue reading “Samsung Introduces GALAXY S4 zoom”

Nokia Lumia 720 available for pre-order in Flipkart,India

Nokia Lumia 720 is available for pre-order on the online-shopping Flipkart at Rs 18,999.The Lumia 720 is likely to hit the stores in the fourth week of April in India. The device has a 1GHz dual-core processor and 512MB RAM. The phone comes with 8GB internal storage,that can be expanded by another 64GB via microSD … Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 720 available for pre-order in Flipkart,India”