Celebrating Robert Koch Google Doodle

Robert Heinrich Hermann Koch was a German physician and microbiologist. As the founder of modern bacteriology, he is known for his role in identifying the specific causative agents of tuberculosis, cholera, and anthrax and for giving experimental support for the concept of infectious disease. Koch experimented with toxic medicines, including arsenic preparations, on colonial African subjects. … Continue reading “Celebrating Robert Koch Google Doodle”

PayPal acquires cybersecurity firm CyActive

PayPal has acquired Israeli cybersecurity firm CyActive, that can predict future malware. Founded in 2013, CyActive is a cybersecurity company that uses predictive analytics to protect against malware. “Our goal is to extend our global security leadership, and bolster our efforts in predictive threat detection and prevention,” said PayPal chief technology officer James Barrese in … Continue reading “PayPal acquires cybersecurity firm CyActive”