Amalia Hernandez’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle

Amalia Hernandez founded the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico and used it to share Mexican culture with the world. Hernández was born to the military officer and politician Lamberto Hernández and his wife Amalia Navarro. On 19th September 2017 Google Doodle celebrates dancer and choreographer Amalia Hernandez. Google is showing Doodle in many countries for Amalia … Continue reading “Amalia Hernandez’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle”

Samuel Johnson’s 308th Birthday Google Doodle

Samuel Johnson, often referred to as Dr. Johnson, was an English writer who made lasting contributions to English literature as a poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer. Samuel Johnson published Johnson’s: A Dictionary of the English Language in 1755 after 9 years of work. It was described as “one of the greatest … Continue reading “Samuel Johnson’s 308th Birthday Google Doodle”

Sir John Cornforth’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle

Sir John Cornforth was an Australian–British chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1975 for his work on the stereochemistry of enzyme-catalysed reactions, becoming the only Nobel laureate born in New South Wales. The Search Engine Google is showing Doodle in few countries for the Sir John Cornforth’s 100th Birthday During childhood, Cornforth … Continue reading “Sir John Cornforth’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle”

Celebrating British Sign Language and the Braidwood Academy Google Doodle

British Sign Language (BSL) is a sign language used in the United Kingdom (UK), and is the first or preferred language of some deaf people in the UK; there are 125,000 deaf adults in the UK who use BSL plus an estimated 20,000 children. The language makes use of space and involves movement of the … Continue reading “Celebrating British Sign Language and the Braidwood Academy Google Doodle”

Eduard Khil (Mr Trololo) Google Doodle

Eduard Anatolyevich Khil was a Russian baritone singer and a recipient of the People’s Artist Award of the Russian SFSR. Khil became known to international audiences in 2010 when a 1976 recording of him singing a non-lexical vocable version of the song “I am very glad, as I’m finally returning back home” became an Internet meme, … Continue reading “Eduard Khil (Mr Trololo) Google Doodle”