AI Chatbot “DoNotPay” Lets You Sue Equifax For Up To $25,000 Without a Lawyer

An AI chatbot is created to help victims of Equifax Breach to sue hacked credit report giant Equifax without a lawyer.

Equifax’s security failure affected 143 million US consumers, approximately half of the US population.The data breach is one of the biggest ever reported in the US and victims are at risk of identity theft and fraud.

Equifax had revealed the security breach after one month only. If you’re affected by the breach, a chatbot can now help you sue Equifax in small claims court without hiring a lawyer for advice.

Even if you want to be part of the class action lawsuit against Equifax, you can still sue Equifax for negligence in small claims court using the DoNotPay bot and demand maximum damages. Maximum damages range between $2,500 to $25,000 depending on the state.

DoNotPay was invented by British teenager Joshua Browder, who is an undergraduate at Stanford University.

The free service was originally designed to help appeal against parking or speeding tickets by selecting the right letter that corresponds to the user’s issue.

As of July, the bot had helped to defeat 375,000 parking tickets in two years.

Apart from this, previously this bot was configured to help asylum seekers with immigration applications and to obtain financial support.

You can use the DoNotPay bot at