Mine Kafon Drone – An airborne demining system to clear Land Mines around the world in 10 years

Every year landmines and other explosive hazards kill or injure thousands of people across the globe.
In fact, the cost of removing landmines from the world is up to 50 times more than its production.
Mine Kafon Drone works autonomously equipped with three separate interchangeable robotic extensions.

This technology can be 20 times faster than traditional demining technologies. As well as being safer, it also up to 200 times cheaper.
First the drone flies over the whole field with an aerial 3D mapping system to identify all the dangerous areas with GPS way points.
Then, equipped with a robotic metal detecting arm it hovers above the ground at approximately 4 cm to detect mines. Every detected mine is geotagged on the operator’s system to construct a map of known mine locations.
Finally this drone is attached with a robotic gripping arm to place a small detonator on every detected mine. The land mine is then detonated from a safe distance using a timer.

Author: angeline

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