Chinese New Year 2014 – Google Doodle celebrates the Year of Horse

Today 31st,January 2014, Google is celebrating Chinese New Year 2014.

The doodle features an image of a girl on a rocking horse and a boy holding fire crackers and Chinese lanterns.
Chinese New Year celebrates the animal of that particular year as well as marking the New Year.The year of the horse begins on Friday 31st January 2014,which is said to bring prosperity and wealth.Last year was the Year of the Snake.

At Chinese New Year people traditionally wear red clothes.Dragon and lion dances are common during Chinese New Year.

One of the traditions during Chinese New Year is the giving of red envelopes which contains “lucky money” and red packets called “Yang Pan”.
The Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao will be celebrated on the final, or fifteenth day in the Traditional Chinese New Year Calendar of Events.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Author: angeline

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