Children’s Day:Doodle 4 Google India 2012 Winner Arun Kumar Yadav

Google India has announced its Doodle 4 Google competition for 2012.Winner is Arun Kumar Yadav, a class 9 Kendriya Vidyalaya student from Chandigarh.

The doodle, “A Prism of Multiplicity” showing a soccer player, a kathakali dancer, gold jewellery, a peacock, a farmer and flowers, was created by Arun Kumar Yadav.

The entries were judged by actor Boman Irani and political cartoonist Ajit Ninan.

“India has diverse cultures, religions, languages, customs and traditions. This diversity can be witnessed in enthusiasm for sports; unique folk culture; extraordinary remarkable handicrafts; wide range of flora and fauna; agricultural practices with worldwide farming output; unparalleled spices and cuisines… Such colossal diversities represent India’s oneness,” says Doodle 4 Google.

“My day as a cartoonist starts with this Bible, Google. There is no time for reference or visual dictionaries in the ‘sabzi mandi (vegetable market)’ of Indian politics. All the information is available at the click of the mouse,” Ajit Ninan said.

The Doodle4Google competition was instituted four years ago to encourage children to take up creative work, Rajan Anandan, vice-president and managing director, Google India, said.

Author: angeline

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