Clara Schumann’s 193rd Birthday is getting celebrated with Google Doodle

Today (Thursday, 13th September, 2012) Google is showing a Doodle for marking the 193rd Birthday of Clara Schumann, a German musician and composer.

This doodle features Clara Schumann playing the piano with her eight children.

Clara Schumann Google Doodle
Google Doodle for Clara Schumann’s Birthday

Clara Schumann was born in Leipzig, Germany on 13 September 1819.

Clara Wieck-Schumann is known for being the wife of composer Robert Schumann, but she is also a famous musician. Her parents were Friedrich Wieck, a music teacher, and Marianne Tromliz Wieck, a pianist and soprano.

clara schumann
Clara Schumann

Clara was a musician from an early age, making her first musical appearance at age 9 and performing her first piano recital at age 11. She didn’t just play the piano, however. She studied voice, violin, score reading, and composition, among other musical things.

Robert Schumann and Clara Schumann had eight children together.

Throughout her life, Clara was well-known as a piano soloist, gaining fame for her technical proficiencies, sensitive interpretations of musical works, and her ability to express the composer’s intent in the music.

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