London 2012 slalom canoe An interactive animated Google Doodle

Today (August 09, 2012, Thursday) Google is featuring “slalom canoe” by showing the Doodle “London 2012 slalom canoe“.

This is the 14th Doodle for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.It’s an interesting animated doodle.

If you see the “London 2012 slalom canoe “doodle the Google logo is floating on the water.Logo is not in their tradtitional color.It’s in white.In Second “O” of the logo is shown as a play button.
If we click the play button a paddler with a yellow-coloured canoe will come to the starting point.In this moment the Google logo is disappeared.

While rowing the canoe you can see 10 downstream gates in green and white combination.If the paddler goes inside the gate the canoe speed will be increased.If he hits the banks,animals and rock the speed will be reduced

On clicking the play button the boat starts rowing.
For movement use left/right arrow keys.
The results shows the time taken by the player to complete it.
We can share it in G+.

The event is taking place from This is the 13th Doodle for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.The event is taking place from Saturday 28 July – Sunday 12 August.


Whitewater slalom (canoe slalom since November 2008) is a competitive sport where the aim is to navigate a decked canoe or kayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids in the fastest time.
The first Canoe Slalom competition was held in Switzerland in 1932.

Canoe Slalom competitions consist of timed runs down a white water course with up to 25 gates. Red gates must be negotiated upstream, while green gates must be negotiated downstream.

If the competitor’s boat, paddle or body touches either pole of the gate, a time penalty of two seconds is added. If the competitor misses a gate completely, displaces it by more than 45 degrees, goes through the gate upside-down, or goes through it in the wrong order, a 50 second penalty is given.

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