Robert Arthur Bob Moog’s 78th birthday Google Doodle allows Users to produce Music Online

The Search Giant Google celebrates Robert Arthur Bob Moog’s 78th birthday by putting it’s special Doodle today (May 23rd , 2012).

This Doodle is an interactive animation which allows the users to create their own music using the Electronic music simulation. It includes various options like Mixers, oscillators, Filters and Envelope. The users can record their musics and share it on Google plus directly from the Doodle by clicking Google+ icon available in the Doodle. And, they can copy the link to their saved music and use the copied link to share their music with others.

Bob Moog was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. The Moog synthesizer was one of the first widely used electronic musical instruments.

Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog was born on May 23, 1934 in New York City.
Moog earned degree in both Physics and Electrical Engineering. And, he got Ph.D in Engineering physics.

He is the Founder of Moog Music.

Moog received a Grammy Trustees Award for lifetime achievement in 1970.

In 1953 at age 19, Moog founded his first company, R.A. Moog Co., to manufacture theremin kits.

In 1972 Moog changed the company’s name to Moog Music.

Bob Moog he died at the age of 71 in Asheville, North Carolina on August 21, 2005

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