Howard Carter’s 138th birthday Google doodle

Today (May 9th, 2012) Google is showing a Special Doodle on its Home Page for celebrating the 138th anniversary of the birth of Howard Carter,an English archaeologist and Egyptologist.

Howard Carter was born on 9 May 1874.He was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist. He discoverered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun means “Living Image of Amun”.

Howard Carter was born in London, England. His father Samuel Carter was a successful artist.

Carter began work in 1891,at the age of 17,coping inscriptions and paintings in Egypt.

The British had occupied Egypt in the late 19th centry. This period saw an increased European interest in Egyptology, the study of ancient Egypt. Many prominent British scientists and archeologists were active in excavating ancient sites.

Carter was introduced,in 1907,to Lord Carnarvon.

On November 22,1922 Carter found Tutankhamun tomb. Carter’s crew found a flight of steps that led down to a sealed door, and a secret chamber. On November 6, 1922, Carter and Lord Carnrvon entered the tomb, where they found an immense collection of gold and treasures.

On February 16,1923, Carter opened the sealed doorway,and he got his first glimpse of the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.

Howard Carter toured the United States, giving lectures about Egypt and King Tut, and contributing to Americans’ interest in ancient Egypt.

Howard Carter died of lymphoma, a type of cancer, in Kensington, London, on 2 March 1939 at the age of 64.

Below image shows the Painted walls in the burial chamber (Tutankhamun’s tomb)

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